Consultation & Policy Making issues

  • Be active within an EU network that recognizes the Sector
  • Be directly informed about policy progress at EU level and influence the process
  • Trade easily within a well determined Sector with no interference from external stakeholders
  • Facilitates daily trading & economic development of members' business
  • Facilitates employment & contractual opportunities for service providers and increase quality of service
  • Boosts business opportunities for members
  • Market & promote outdoor activities towards potential new clientele
  • Dispose of good practices, norms, standards & strategies determined by peers & participate


Structural & institutional development

  • Dispose of adequatly trained staff, in line with competences required and boost activities
  • Benefit from Sector adapted conditions of employment that facilitate daily business
  • Be properly informed on market trends, state of play & technologies
  • Benefit from properly trained staff and enhance quality of service delivery
  • Facilitates recruitment and quality in service delivery
  • Guarantees employers on staff training quality issues and adequacy with professional standards
  • Guarantees employers transparency guarantees on staff training issues
  • Offers businesses a harmonized answer to safety and security national requirements
  • Strengthens the transparency & quality of sector's norms & standards

Internal and members relationships

  • Offers members a data base for decision making
  • Brings advantegeous business oppotunities and international contacts
  • Develops an internatinoal awareness of economic opportunities & stategies
  • Offers daily juridical & advising assistance on european issues
  • 'Facilitate member's daily trading and local economic development