Recommendations based on analysing the implementation of the Outdoor Sector's certifications across the EU

Action type: KA210-VET - Small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training

On 1st April, 2022, EC-OE started with a new Erasmus+ project: the ROC (“Recommendations based on analysing the implementation of the Outdoor Sector's certifications across the EU”) project. Kindly funded via the Belgium National Agency, the year-long ROC project brings together EC-OE with six partners into a balanced partnership:

  • Three industry associations: BFNO from Belgium, France Plein Air from France and HATEOA from Greece.
  • Three higher education training providers: University of Thessaly (Greece), Munster Technological University (Ireland) and Hungarian University of Sports Science (Hungary)

Using interviews with key stakeholders as well as an online questionnaires, the project analyses the conditions of implementation of the ELESA ("European LEarning Syllabus for outdoor Animators") curriculum across Europe.

A first meeting of all project partners took place at the “Mpafi” Refuge, Parnitha, Athens ( at the end of May. The partner’s representatives discussed the parameters of the project and developed the research tools for the data collection. The next meeting is planned for early September near Brussels, where the results for the desk research will be presented, collated and reviewed.

After compiling and sharing the data from the desk research, the partners will review the results of the desk research, looking deeper at the current status of implementation of outdoor qualifications within the analysed national realities, and comparing the implementations both amongst those case studies as well as against professional training standards. The goal is to establish best practices for the development of outdoor qualifications and to formulate a set of recommendations aimed at European training providers thinking about creating future qualifications for the Outdoor Sector.

We are looking forward to sharing the results of this project towards the end of winter.

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