BluePrint Final Report

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The objectives of the BLUEPRINT project were to maintain momentum in developing and putting into practice the eight stages of developments, conditions and requirements which had been established in the SIQAF pathway. The outcome has been to review, test and trial the delivery of a fully quality- assured education and training programme for current and future instructors and animators in the Active Leisure sector.

The BLUEPRINT project was broadly arranged into four main objectives:

  1. Objective I
    To create an evidence base to identify skills gaps in the active leisure sector.
  2. Objective II
    To promote the benefits of the learning experience and gaining of the qualifications for developing wider skills for employability and personal well-being as well as supporting the growth of the community.
  3. Objective III
    The contribution of active leisure to the employability of young people and the creation of jobs in the sport and active leisure-related labour markets.
  4. Objective IV
    To develop a Blueprint for Skills Cooperation and Employment in Active Leisure.

Find the link to the PDF file of the BLUEPRINT final report here :